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Dispatches from M20 day of creative actions

4:05 PM - The Chicago Indymedia radio stream is ended. Thanks to everyone who called in and contributed. The archives of the stream will be made available soon; look for for more details.

4:03 PM - According to an eyewitness account, one activist was on pushed by police from a traffic island outside the Art Institute and placed under arrest.

4:01 PM - Columbia College and DePaul University students are giving a waterboarding demonstration outside the Art Institute to raise awareness of issues of torture.

3:46 PM - Action Number Twelve: About five people involved with the Albany Park Mayfair North Park Neighbors for Peace and Justice return to Emanuel's office to hand out flyers and build antiwar support. No police are present.

2:33 PM - Action Number Eleven: An unbadged officer harrassed antiwar activists in front of the the Art Institute of Chicago, where antiwar banners and flyers.

1:45 PM - Seven people kneeled down, and they waited until they got arrested. They're apparently being held in Federal Plaza itself. They could face jail time. Kathy Kelly was among the arrestees.

1:31 PM - Action Number Ten: Eight people at Federal Plaza have stepped into the lobby of Federal Plaza, requesting an audience with the state senators. Security have begun locking down the building; all the doors are locked, police are moving into formation. There was also an arrest during the Penny Poll, on an outstanding warrant. (Pure coincidence in timing, right?)

1:08 PM - Action Number Nine: The march on UIC to the research lab has taken place; about 15-20 people participated. Correction: The lab that's being targeting on making lasers more effective; the contract with Raytheon is up for renewal and student pressure could make the difference about its renewal.

12:23 PM - Action Number Eight: Chicago Campus Antiwar Network is holding a speak-out on the University of Illinois-Chicago. About 25-30 people are attending to speak their thoughts about the war and related issues. A march is planned to a UIC research lab for Raytheon (about the PAIN ray).

11:46 AM - Action Number Seven: Food Not Bombs and an impromptu group involving Eight Day, VCNV and others have begun the Penny Poll at Federal Plaza. CodePINK is also there. About 20 people are participating.

11:00 AM - Action Number Six: Chicago area CodePINK is holding an impromptu rally and chanting outside of Tribune Tower — perhaps 10 people involved.

10:59 AM - Photos from the Emanuel morning actions are online.

10:49 AM - Server traffic is up; please be patient if the CIMC website seems slow.

10:20 AM - Additional details of the Emanuel action: There was also a paddy wagon on site, and street traffic was blocked for a half-hour.

9:10 AM - The morning Emanuel action is effectively over with the blockade broken up and all participants apparently arrested.

9:02 AM - Update from Emanuel's office: Police have warned independent media and observers to stay at least 20 feet from the Emanuel blockade. 16 — now 17— squad cars are on site (!) for a protest of four people. Arrests are now being made.

8:57 AM - Video of the Malachi Action is already online here.

8:54 AM - Action Number Five: Boeing actions near the downtown Boeing HQ are underway. About 50 people are participating in a drum circle and protest, outnumbered by police and private security.

8:52 AM - Debris was placed in the road in the LSD action, which may have led to a traffic crash. None of the participants have evidently been arrested. 12 people were involved according to corporate news accounts.

8:43 AM - Police have arrived at Irving Park Road at the morning's Emanuel Action. Four squads and three undercover cars have arrived. Things are about to "go down". Irving Park Road is completely blocked by police presence.

8:40 AM - Action Number Four: The northbound lines Lake Shore Drive are being blockaded. A group of about 10 people are involved in the blockade. Police have arrived. Jail solidarity and legal support is underway.

8:34 AM - Action Number Three: 4 people are locked arm-in-arm outside of Rahm Emanuel's office on Irving Park Road. CPT and VCNV are involved. Corporate and independent media are on the scene.

8:00 AM - Columbia College students had protested a military recruited center at Harrison and State, and had also marched to raise oppostion.

7:15 AM - Action Number Two: "Boeing = War Profiteer" banner successfully hoisted on Washington St. traffic light next to Boeing. Banner remains for about an hour before getting torn down by a big vehicle.

7:00 AM - Action Number One: A group of five people held a banner saying "We Heard You Malachi" at the Millennium Flame near the Kennedy Expressway, in homage of the peace martyr Malachi Ritscher. The action was in place for about eight minutes, before traffic police intervened. A phone call to get to WBBM newsradio was also made.


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