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Morton High School Drops Expulsions for 25 Student Antiwar Protesters

Read. Write. Resist.A Chicago IMC newswire post reports a dramatic improvement in the fortunes of more than two dozen student protesters at Morton High School who were threatened with expulsion for a holding a protest against the Iraq war. From the post: "In an abrupt turn-around, District 201 Superintendent [Ben] Nowakowski takes expulsions off the table and sends most student protestors back to school tomorrow [November 14].

"Less than 2 hours after stating he would release a comment on the looming student expulsions in a day or two, Dr. Ben Nowakowski, Superintendent of the J.S. Morton schools in suburban Berwyn issued a statement dropping all threat of expulsions and sending most students back to school on Wednesday [November 14]. More than two dozen students, were facing expulsion after an anti-war sit-in at the school on November first. " Read more

Grassroots efforts to defend the Morton West 25 generated national attention and support as thousands signed a petition initiated by a local chapter of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and word of the threatened expulsions spread across the Indymedia network and the progressive blogosphere and surfaced in the corporate press. "I don't regret the protest because it brought a lot of people to this question—about Iraq and what it's doing to our country," senior Joshua Rodriguez said. Update: Parents of Morton Student Protestors Shout Out Thanks

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