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Dozens of Berwyn High School Students Face Expulsion After Antiwar Sit-In

Read. Write. Resist. From the newswire: "Over 30 anti-war protestors at Morton West High School in Berwyn face expulsion for a demonstration at the school on Thursday…More than 70 students participated in a sit-in against the Iraq War on All Saint's Day, Thursday, November 1st. It began third hour when dozens of students gathered quietly in the lunchroom at Morton West High School and refused to leave.

"Students report that they were promised that there would be no charges besides cutting classes if they took their protest outside so as not to disturb the school day. The students complied, and were led to a corner outside the cafeteria where they sang songs and held signs while classes resumed.

"The school called the homes of many of the protestors. Those whose parents arrived before the end of school and took their students home, or left before the protest ended at the final bell, received 3-5 days suspension. All others, an estimated 37 received 10 days suspension and expulsion papers. Parents report that [school Superindendent Ben] Nowakowski stated those who are seventeen will also face police charges." Read more

Updates: Morton Parents Call for Amnesty | Parents of Suspended Morton West Students Hold Press Conference [ 2 ] | Morton School Officials Pressure Students to Finger Ringleader | Rainbow PUSH Coalition Fights for Morton West Students

Additional Resources: Superintendent statement | Emergency Petition

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