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Innocent Man Framed by Burge Cops Sues Cops

Harold Hill From the newswire: "Police coerced teenager Harold Hill into falsely confessing to a murder and rape he did not commit. Recently tested DNA evidence demonstrated his innocence… Yesterday [December 8, 2006] Hill filed suit in federal court against nine current and former Area 3 police officers. Among the defendant officers is Lieut. Kenneth Boudreau, who has compiled a notorious record of false confessions of young and otherwise vulnerable defendants"

"Hill is one of over 100 African American men tortured or physically coerced into giving confessions to police under the supervision of then-Commander Jon Burge, who was fired by the City in February 1993 for torture after a 2-1/2 decade rein of terror at both Area 2 and Area 3 Police Headquarters. [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] In Hill's case, police also deliberately suppressed exculpatory evidence, destroying documents and withholding physical evidence that would have prevented his 1994 conviction." Read more

Additional Resources: Harold Hill v. Chicago (PDF)


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