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Pilsen Community Speaks Out

Pilsen Speaks Out[permalink] On February 1, the Pilsen Alliance led a rally and march from the site of a planned condo development to the Providence of God Church on 18th St. where a community meeting was held to discuss the plans. 25th Ward Alderman Danny Solis called for the meeting but it was moderated by the developers themselves. The development, 391 condos to be located at Peoria and 18th St., has been a source of contention since plans first leaked out.

Wednesday’s marchers shouted, “Pilsen’s not for sale!” and other chants in English and Spanish before making their way to the meeting. In a statement put out before the event the Pilsen Alliance stated that, “We cannot let outsiders decide what happens in our own neighborhood.” This sentiment was echoed by 40-year resident and candidate for State Senate Oscar Torres. Talking about the University Village development just to the north Torres stated, “That’s one huge example of where there was no input from the community. No one from this neighborhood can afford to live there.” The couple of dozen marchers were received with honks and hollers of support from passing vehicles on their way to the meeting. Outside the meeting hall Pilsen resident Teresa Ceniceros voiced her opposition to the plans because “it’s not affordable housing for the people in the neighborhood. They’re gonna be displaced.” Read More




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