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40 Million Dead: Animals Tortured and Murdered for Vanity

On Friday, November 25th, approximately 120 Chicago animal rights activists came out in force for the annual Fur Free Friday march. Despite the bitter cold and a heavy police presence, activists congregated in Daley Plaza before marching on fur-supporting businesses (such as: Marshall Fields, Nordstrom, Andriana Furs, Elan's Furs, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales) in Chicago. The march was dedicated to animal liberation prisoner Peter Young.

Preceding the march, a rally took place where activists and other passers-by were educated to the horrors of the fur industry via bullhorn.

"Each year over 40,000,000 animals are killed by the fur industry" could be heard echoing through Daley Plaza, "these animals die by gassing, trapping, anal or vaginal electrocution and other equally barbaric, grisly methods."

Delicious, vegan hot cocoa was served at the end of the march to everyone who participated courtesy of Chicago Soy Dairy.

Activists recognized that one march was never going to stop the fur industry. Participants were left with the following words:

"The fur industry isn't going to stop killing animals unless we stop them. If you ever need inspiration to keep fighting, just watch some footage of what goes on on fur farms. Look into the eyes of the animals right before they die. See them tense and then go limp as their lives are robbed for the sake of vanity, because the look in their eyes will give you more reason to keep fighting than any words I could ever speak to you. The 40,000,000 animals that die every year should be the only inspiration needed to destroy this industry, to drive the final nail into the coffin and put it in the ground where it belongs!"

To get involved. e-mail or and ask to be added to the announce list to be kept up to date for future animal rights actions taking place in Chicago. Read the full article here.

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