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But Can He Hack Snitching?

There has been lots of debate in Chicago and on Indymedia over the issue of Jeremy Hammond's cooperation with the authorities and whether or not he deserves the support of the activist communities. I find the ever growing number of comments on the newswire speaking out in favor of supporting him not only unfortunate, but downright alarming. I am an animal rights activist here in Chicago and I have seen time and time again the harm that snitches can have on social justice movements. I have seen fellow activists jailed due to the cowardice of so called "activists". I have seen first hand the government’s attempts to gain information through intimidation. I have also seen first hand how quickly the government’s cases crumble when people stand up and refuse to be intimidated.

Unfortunately, Jeremy and others like him didn't have the fortitude to make that stand. I have heard all the arguments, "he was railroaded into giving up the tape", "he made a mistake but we have to forgive and forget" or "he didn't tell them anything they didn't already know." None of these statements excuse what he did and none of these statements should garner him any support from the activist communities he has harmed and I don't doubt will harm again if welcomed back with open arms. Read the full article here.

Additonal Links:
.pdf file of the Chicago Reader's story on Jeremy Hammond titled "But Can He Hack Prison?"




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