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New Orleans, Gulf Coast Solidarity

Breaking News: New Orleans IMC

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Grassroots/Low-income/People of Color-led Relief Organizations:, to donate to organizations who are:
• Organizing at the grassroots level in New Orleans, Biloxi, Houston and other affected areas.

• Providing immediate disaster relief to poor people and people of color.

• Directed by, or accountable to, poor people and people of color.

• Fostering the democratic inclusion of poor people and people of color in the rebuilding process.

Emergency Aid: Action
• Emergency Phone Numbers for People in Distress:
(225) 925-7708 / 7709 / 3511 / 7412

• Craigslist: Temporary Shelter

• MoveOn: Hurricane Housing

• NOLA activist-sponsored housing: Temporary Shelter

• Craigslist: Volunteer

• Craigslist: All Aid Listings

Emergency Aid: Donate
• Second Harvest: 1-800-771-2303 or

• Red Cross: 1-800-HELP-NOW or

• Episcopal Relief & Development: 1-800-334-7626 or

• United Methodist Committee on Relief: 1-800-554-8583 or

• Salvation Army: 1-800-SAL-ARMY or

• Catholic Charities: 1-800-919-9338 or

• FEMA Charity tips:

• National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster:

Missing Persons
• Craigslist:





• Hurricane Katrina Recovery

News On The Ground
• Stranded employees:

• New Orleans post-Katrina wiki (Links to chats, blogs, police/red cross scanners):

Other Resources


• WWLTV Updates: Katrina Updates

• Houma Courier:

• US Coast Guard:

• US Coast Guard Storm Watch:

Assorted Chicago Indymedia posts:
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