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Federal Agents "Visit" Black Panther's Widow, Son

Akua Njeri, Fred Hampton Jr. From the newswire: "Federal agents descended this morning on the [Chicago] home of Akua Njeri, the widow of assassinated Black Panther leader Fred Hampton to 'question' her about an alleged threat to the U.S. Attorney for northern Illinois. According to Njeri and her son Fred Jr., who was present during the incident, federal agents connected the inquiry to Njeri's support of jailed police brutality opponent and former death row inmate Aaron Patterson."

Njeri said in an interview: "The last time I saw the FBI was December 4, 1969, when they came calling," referring to the date the FBI and local law enforcement raided a west-side apartment, killing Hampton and fellow Black Panther Mark Clark in a predawn attack as part of a coordinated series of counterintelligence programs against the Black Panther Party and other radical groups.

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