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Need Some Mutual Aid? Check out the MAP!

MAP[permalink]Mutual Aid Phonebook, or MAP, is an ambitious project, to create a directory - starting in Chicago and branching out across the country - where anarchists and anti-authoritarians can post an ad (for free) advertising any skills you may have to offer your comrades. Skills might include: bike repair, barbers, computers, recording studios... anything at all.

MAP is an attempt for us to start putting our ideals into practice - namely, Mutual Aid. How often do we really help each other out? How often do we have a skill that goes under used because no one else knows we have it? How often do we give money back to capital that would be much better used inside our own movement?

Well, let's stop! Submit your skill, your resource, or your project to be listed in MAP, and let others know about it! Help each other and yourself!

Just check out the contact page, submit your project, and spread the word! If we all really work at it, building alternative structures to capitalism is actually pretty easy. Read more.

Website: Mutual Aid Phonebook




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