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World Naked Bike Ride Comes to Chicago (with arrests)

Naked Bikes[permalink]June 11th marks the day when cities world-wide participate in the World Naked Bike Ride. The annual ride is organized to "protest oil dependency, liberate the streets from wingless caravans of guzzling self-hate mongers, and to inject the hearts of our neighborhoods with the reality of our beautiful bodies which have developed over millions of years into their current perfect beingness." Hundreds of happy, naked and partially naked, Chicagoans rode in the free, non-sexual, fun bike ride that traveled through the north and northwest sides of the city as well as the Loop displaying their nakedness on prominent streets like Michigan Avenue and Lake Shore Drive. Clothing was optional as it was a "bare as you dare" event.

Six, possibly seven, people were arrested near the beginning of the ride for public nudity. Some criticism has been aired around the organizersí lack of contingent plans in regards to what to do if arrested and how to conduct effective jail support. It should be noted that there was minimal jail support from the moment people were arrested (around 9:45pm) until very early the following morning when the last person was released at 5am. Otherwise, the ride was a success. Read more.

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