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Pilsen Labor Organizer Attacked

Photo La Raza[permalink]For more than a year, workers at La Casa del Pueblo, a grocery store located at 18th & Blue Island, have been trying to form a union, (UFCW Local 881) despite egregious union-busting tactics from the store's owners.

Recently, the National Labor Relations Board concluded a months-long investigation of unfair labor practices and reached a settlement with the store, requiring the store to pay over $30,000 in back wages to several workers who had been laid off or had their hours cut in retaliation for their organizing activities. The store was also required a sign promising not to engage in any of a two-and-a-half page list of illegal union busting activities that workers had reported experiencing at the store.

Last Tuesday, union organizer Alfonzo Diaz's car was firebombed outside of his home in Pilsen. While no evidence has been found tying the fire bombing to the owner of the store, there is wide speculation that this crime could be a response to the settlement and the latest and most egregious retaliation that Alfonso and his coworkers have experienced for their union activities. Full Story | Update: Solidarity Rally with the Workers at La Casa Del Pueblo

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