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Antifraud Illinois E-voting Bill Faces Roadblock

March 19From the newswire: "A bill [moving its way through the Illinois General Assembly] designed to protect Illinois voters from the election fraud through electronic voting has stalled in the Illinois House just weeks before the end of the legislative session and the purchase of thousands of e-voting machines by Cook County and Chicago.

Although Illinois is one of 14 states that requires a voter-verifiable paper ballot to be attached to each machine, that piece of paper
will prove meaningless if it is not the legal ballot. SB 1683 - Elections-Provisional Ballots bill gets rid of this loophole as well as several others.

The bill, co-written by the Oak Park Coalition for Truth and Justice, has already passed the Senate but has been stuck in committee in the House for two weeks. The bill must pass before the end of the session, to affect elections in spring 2006 when e-voting machines are expected to be operating in every precinct in Chicago and Cook County." Read more | Past coverage

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