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Chicago activist arrested, released amid West Bank direct action

Photo courtesy Reuters According to a newswire post, Chicago activist Nathan Stuckey was among 11 protesters arrested during a direct action in the farming village of Bil'in in the West Bank.

The direct action involved stopping the uprooting of olive trees by the Israeli military, which are being cleared to make way for the controversial Israeli separation wall.

A follow-up post, citing an email from Nathan himself, notes that the Bil'in Eleven have been freed "on the condition that [they] not enter closed military zones for the duration of [their] time in Israel".

Nathan is scheduled to return to Chicago in the coming couple of weeks and is scheduled to participate in a Walk for a Just Peace in Oak Park as well as in speaking engagements. (Interested groups or individuals for meeting with Nathan or getting involved with direction actions can contact Chicago ISM at ISMinChicago at aol dot com or call 773-489-3505.)

Additional coverage: Photos from Yahoo! / Reuters | Al Jazeera video (in Arabic) | Coverage from Global Indymedia

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