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Chicago Peace Group Sues Police for Evidence of Covert Infiltration

photo courtesy joeff.comIn a reversal of posture from defense to offense, the American Friends Service Committee and the ACLU have announced that they have asked a judge to order the Chicago Police Department to relinquish documents concerning the police's questionable covert infiltration of the AFSC.

The infiltration in question took place during the course of November 2002 protests in Chicago against the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue. The infiltration against the AFSC was part of covert police operations against five Chicago-area organizations discovered in the wake of an internal audit of CPD operations.

Details on photo: Police in riot gear line the streets at the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue in November 2002, the subject of the lawsuit. Despite the excessive police presence and the infiltration, a mere handful of arrests were made at the protest.

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