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Meet the Neighbors: What Every Chicagoan Should Know about Bank One's New Daddy

Photo by Chris GeovanisYesterday, activists assembled outside of Bank One headquarters downtown to demonstrate their opposition to environmental and human rights abuses being committed with JP Morgan-Chase - Bank One's customer's money. This article includes a summary of their irresponsible financing, both here in Chicago and abroad. Now many Chicagoans have one more thing in common with people in Indonesia fighting to save their endangered rainforests, indigenous people in Equador threatening mass suicide to stop the building of a pipeline and your typical, Joe-Shmoe Iraqi.

When Bank One branches and ATMs began sprouting up on every major intersection in Chicago and right in my very own backyard, little did any of us know what lie ahead. Bank One has recently completed a merger with JP Morgan Chase (JPMC), and together they form the second largest bank in the history of capitalism, with $1.1 trillion in assets. The joint power they wield is facilitating the unbridled exploitation of both the environment and the economically impoverished wherever they and their borrowers operate -- and they and their borrowers get around. Read More

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Update!: JP Morgan Chase accepts RAN's demands! | Wall Street Journal article on RAN success | Help determine who RAN should go after next!




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