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Two Arrested at Protest Against Public Transit Service Cuts

Midwest UnrestFrom the newswire:

"Today [Saturday, April 9, 2005] opponents of CTA service cuts and rate hikes gathered at Hollywood Park on the North West Side and planned to march to the house of Frank Kruesi, president of the CTA.

Members of the media and 25 protesters arrived at the 1 PM rally in the park and were told by Chicago Police that it is illegal to stage a protest march without a permit in a residential neighborhood. After a brief negotiation, the police changed their story and said marching in the neighborhood is legal, but no drums or banners can be used.

Then, without an additional order to disperse, two male protesters were arrested. The rest of the protesters then dispersed without marching to Kruesi's house." Read more

Transit rally day, April 21 | Midwest Unrest Fight-Or-Walk Campaign




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