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J 20: Counter-Inaugural Protests Snow on Bush Parade

logoDespite blustery weather and repressive security measures, tens of thousands from across the US converged in Washington DC on Jan 20th to protest the second inauguration of George Bush. And what was meant to be a victory lap turned into an embarrasing public spectacle for the President and his supporters as protesters made their resistance felt. [ See NYC-IMC video: Mandate? ]

As the Presidential motorcade sped past 4th and Pennsylvania Avenue Thursday afternoon, an estimated 10,000 protesters unloaded with all the creative invective they could muster. Thousands more were blocked at checkpoints along the inaugural route by a massive police and military presence that included Chicago police. At one point, the parade came to a complete standstill as clashes broke out between demonstrators and police wielding pepper spray and batons. A handful of anti-war activists also successfully infiltrated the invitation-only VIP viewing section to display banners condemning the occupation of Iraq before being ejected by police.

Earlier in the morning, thousands of protesters gathered for a mass march from Malcolm X Park that surged down 16th St. toward the White House. Many continued to march in smaller groups along the Inaugural security perimeter throughout the afternoon. Counter-inaugural actions -- and clashes with police -- continued late into the night. Check out DC-IMC for continuing coverage.

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