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Chicagoans Mobilize for Counter-Inaugural Protests

logoWith only two days remaining before George Bush is sworn in for a second term as President, Chicagoans from across the city are finalizing last minute travel plans to join the tens of thousands expected to converge in Washington DC on January 20 for a day of diverse counter-inaugural protests against the Bush Administration's right-wing agenda.

A bus caravan organized by the Chicago Organizing Coalition - Counter-Inaugural will leave for DC on Wednesday, January 19th, at 5:00 PM and return on Friday morning, Jan 21st. For those unable to travel to DC, Southsiders for Peace are organizing a local counter-inaugural rally and march on J20 at 3:30 PM, starting at the corner of 95th and Western Ave. Stay tuned to CIMC and DC-IMC for continuing coverage.

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