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Workers Announce Official Opening of the Albany Park Workers' Center

logoToday something very important happened in Chicago that the independent media community would be remiss not to include in its list of daily stories. At noon there was a press conference for the official opening of the Albany Park Workers' Center, the first democratically-run workers' center to be opened in the Midwest. And it happened to open right here in Chicago.

[...] Amidst almost constant applause for their efforts, the workers, in partnership with Latino Union, announced the opening of the center. According to Arturo, who began the conference, after 15 long years of having to survive on the corner looking for work, oftentimes in bitter cold, the day laborers would now have a place inside to come to and a place from which to organize within the community. After four years of fighting for a space, today the center became a reality for many who have been without a real voice in the Chicago community for far too long....[Read More]




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