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Activist DePaul Students Speak on Summer Delegations

While summer vacations are generally a time for students to escape their burdens, five DePaul activists decided instead to spend time in the countries of Colombia, Palestine and the Philippines.

This Thursday come listen to reportbacks by Matt Muchowski and Katie Williams who spent time in Colombia with the SINAL TRAINAL union which is attempting to organize Coca-Cola workers despite harassment and murder by Coca-Cola funded death squads. They also met with workers from the oil workers union, USO. The USO recently won a national strike. Matt and Katie were also able to meet with a variety of human rights and peasant organizations.

The following Wednesday Ben Meyer and Gihad of DePaul’s Students for Justice in Palestine will talk on their separate experiences. Ben Meyer went with a group that is working with youth who are affected by the Apartheid Wall. Gihad was also able to travel with Chicago's Palestine Solidarity Group through several refugee camps, documenting the suffering of a people who’s home is occupied by an agressor army.

On Tuesday November 9, Jon Reihert who is a member of DePaul’s Asian Cultural Exchange, spent two months travelling throughout the Philippines. Jon visited many rural villages, learning about the ongoing effects of the longtime U.S. military presence in this small island country.

To read more and see the full schedule of the reportback series, go here.





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