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Tales of the RNC

Beginning with a spirited march from the DNC to the RNC, actions against union-haters like Starbucks, and the largest Critical Mass ride in NYC's history, people from across the country infiltrated New York to tell neo-conservatives ENOUGH. The true scoop of all the week's actions might never be known. Small groups and individuals engaged in street theater, creative disruption and practiced their freedom of speech with some good ol' heckling of GOP delegates. Despite threats and intimidation by the mayor and police officials, hundreds of thousands of people came out to unwelcome Bush and company to NYC.

While the police seemed intent on deploying the Miami Model, protesters unveiled their own model using text messeges that gave independent reporters the edge for covering the week of actions. Police detained a reported 1,900 people and not all of them protesters. Tourists, legal observers, journalists and medics were all caught up in sweeps as police used orange netting to surround and then collar people. Despite NY law requiring that folks be either charged or released in 24 hours, hundreds of citizens endured up to 48 hours being detained on buses, the Tombs, and an old city motor garage called Pier 57. Complaints about the conditions of Pier 57, including limited access to medical care and an unknown grime covering the floor, and the length of time people were detained led a New York Supreme Court judge to order the city to release protesters immediately or face huge fines.

Photos and Stories:
Dorina: UFPJ March, August 30, People, Stonewalk: From Boston to New York, Vigil for the Fallen, Central Park A29,
Garth: Poor People's March,
Joeff Davis: A29 March, A30 inside the RNC, A31 outside the RNC,
Fetus:Still We Rise March,
Rachael: RNC Critical Mass, March for Women's Lives,

Opinions and personal stories: Paul Street on the GOP's war on the cities, Carol Norris's Thanks the People of New York and What democracy looks like by Mark Drolette.




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