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Resistance Flourishes Amid Repression, Censorship at Boston Dem National Convention

A smothering police presence [ photos ], a grotesque protest pit dubbed 'Camp DNC', surveillance cameras and hovering police helicopters have dominated downtown life in Boston this week during the Democratic National Convention. That hasn't deterred activists from refusing to march to the cops' tune. And while the corporate press bosses have focused their DNC coverage on the pep rally inside, CIMC volunteer reporter and local trouble-maker Andy Thayer has been taking notes on the streets.

Thayer's DNC diary includes "A Protest Report Card: Who Was Here...And Who Wasn't"; an analysis of the creepy metamessage behind the Democratic Party slogan "Kerry / Edwards: For a Stronger America"; a DNC 'protest balance sheet'; political commentary from residents of Abu Ghraib In Boston and the Radical Cheerleaders; plus lots o' links. Read more.

For breaking news and latest updates from the DNC, check out Boston IMC
Chicago Indymedia photographer Joeff Davis' convention photos are online at | J-25 photos by Chicago IMC photographer Garth Liebhaber.

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