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New City Ordinance Represents Now-Or-Never Flashpoint for Chicago Cable Access

Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV, which airs Chicago Indymedia's monthly TV show) has spent most of 2004 in a dogfight for its funding. First it had to contend with the stingy cable company RCN, which defaulted on a January payment, faced daily fines of $1 million per day, and has also filed for bankruptcy. Then in March, the City Cable Commission said it collected more than $1 million in fines from RCN, but hasn't yet for still-undisclosed reasons dispensed any of that money to CAN.

But an ordinance now before the City Council could remedy the financial situation for CAN TV, perhaps permanently, by tying CAN TV's funding to the city's cable franchise fee. Popular lobbying efforts toward the city council and the mayor are underway.

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