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Pilsen Residents Rally Against Gentrification

photo by zannPilsen residents rallied earlier this week to support La Brocha Gorda, a local business that was shot up in an attack many believe was motivated by a stepped up campaign by developers to gentrify the neighborhood.

After staving off displacement for years, the largely Latino community has recently become a hotbed of resistance to aggressive new plans for displacement and real estate profit-taking from both private developers and expansion by the University of Illinois. On March 16, developers hit a snag in their plans when more than 90% of voters supported a referendum calling for more public input on new developments.

Many long-term residents believe the attack on La Brocha Gorda -- whose owner says he's been pressured to sell his property for a pittance to real estate agents -- is part of a renewed effort to intimidate and push out residents. Residents have vowed to step up their resistance to gentrification, as well. Read more.





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