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Education not Empire

Downtown RallyOver thirty Chicago area high schools and colleges participated in Education not Empire actions on March 4th. This was a national day of action for university and high school students.

In Chicago, there were teach-ins, lectures, walk-outs, street theater, a weapons of mass destruction scavenger hunt (Quicktime - Windows), rallies, bicycle rides and marches throughout the city culminating in a convergence downtown in front of the Federal Plaza.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Scavenger Hunt Students called for more money for education on a national and local level. Chicago City Colleges are planning a 20% tuition hike. Students also criticized military recruitment in schools. They called for an end to the occupation of Iraq, highlighting the human and economic consequences of a war waged with deception and misinformation.

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Scavenger Hunt video - Quicktime - Windows
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    Photos by Miranda Nelson and Thomas Yun




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