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FTAA: THE BATTLE OF MIAMI: Miami Arrestees Bonded Out, Amnesty International, United Steelworkers Demand Investigation

UPDATE SUMMARY: There were a total of 282 arrests related to the FTAA protests that the Miami legal team is aware of. Miami Activist Defense reports that all known arrestees are believed now bonded out. According to the latest reports from Miami:
  • There were dozens of reports of injuries sustained from the vast array of weaponry, which included batons, tear gas, pepper spray, plastic and rubber bullets, concussion grenades, tasers and electric shields. Over thirty people were injured from projectile weapons, five of which suffered head wounds, and at least 2 people were hospitalized with serious head injuries - including one person who suffered a brain hemorrhage. MAD reported at least ten beatings of arrestees, seven people held at gunpoint, and at least one person physically assaulted while in jail. There are also five confirmed reports of sexual assaults that occurred inside Miami jails. Three of those assaulted are women and two are transgender.

  • Read More: MAD Press Release | Amnesty International Press Release | United Steel Workers Call for Investigation, Timony to be Fired

    Cash contributions for continuing legal and bail expenses for Miami arrestees are being taken directly by the Chicago Miami/FTAA Solidarity Project and wired directly down to Miami legal volunteers. To make a donation, please call 312-446-4939.

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