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MIAMI/FTAA: Police Repression Continues in Wake of Miami FTAA Ministerial

Despite an early end to the FTAA ministerial meeting, Friday in Miami was again marred by more police violence and unwarrented arrests. Roughly 60 people were arrested Friday afternoon in the wake of jail solidarity actions, as they attempted to follow police orders to disperse. They had been rallying in solidarity for roughly 180 people arrested the previous day during anti-FTAA protests in downtown Miami. Despite the violence, jail solidarity is expected to continue on Saturday. (Click here for a summary of Thursday's actions.)

Non-governmental groups have condemned what they characterize as sweeping police brutality targetting peaceful protesters. One medic has described police tactics -- particularly the liberal use of rubber bullets -- as being the worst he has since since working in the Gaza Strip during the 1980's. At least 4 Chicago women remain jailed, and while local activists raised $900 for bail Friday night, jail solidarity volunteers continue to appeal for funds for the arrestees, who each reportedly face $500 - $2,000 cash bond requirements. A number of Indymedia and Democracy Now! reporters have also been arrested. Activists are also calling on people to contact Miami officials to demand the release of the prisoners.

Thousands of direct action participants and union members protested in Miami this week to oppose the ministerial meeting of the Free Trade of the Americas Agreement, which critics charge will undercut workers' rights, gut environmental protections, and undermine direct democracy.

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