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LOCAL: CHICAGO PROTESTS BUSH FUNDRAISER: Bush Gets Served During Chicago Shakedown Lunch

Chris Geovanis/Chicago Indymedia
As President Bush arrived in Chicago on Tuesday to speak at a $2000 a plate campaign luncheon and schmooze with the local gentry, hundreds of Chicagoans gathered in front of the Chicago Sheraton Hotel and Tower to condemn Dubya's war and occupation of Iraq, the repressive USA PATRIOT Act and the Administration's abysmal record on health care and unemployment. Protesters were confined behind police barricades in the all-too-familiar protest pit -- a restriction now being challenged by the ACLU in an unprecedented nationwide lawsuit against the US Secret Service.

Among the crowd was protest puppeteer Jill Habing, who joined a friend with two life-sized papier-mache puppets of Dubya and Vice President Dick Cheney -- both of which "addressed" the crowd from the microphone to jeers and catcalls from the protesters. "We're here to oppose the puppet administration and the corporate interests that are pulling the strings," the Trib quoted Habing.

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