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LOCAL: IMMIGRANT RIGHTS: Fifteen hundred rally to support immigrants, striking Congress workers

Mark Vallen/Art For A Change
More than 1,500 immigrant workers and their supporters rallied Saturday in Chicago's south loop to ratchet up public participation and support for the upcoming Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride, scheduled for later this September. Organizers across the country have vowed to use the Freedom Ride to draw attention to the plight of immigrant workers in the U.S., which has grown increasingly dire in the face of the Bush administration's stepped-up anti-immigrant agenda. The Freedom Ride is organized around a sweeping call to defend immigrant rights, including a new legalization, family reunification, the right of immigrants to form unions, and civil rights and liberties for all U.S. residents. [ Rally Photo Gallery ]

After Saturday's rally, participants marched to the Congress Hotel to join the picket line of HERE Local 1 members, who have been on strike for almost two months after management unilaterally imposed deep wage cuts and slashed benefits. Many of the Congress workers are immigrants who hail from countries that include El Salvador, Guatemala, Ghana, India, Iran and Mexico. Read More

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  • Mark Vallen/Art For A Change




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