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CHICAGO: BIKE ACTIVISM: July 25 - Chicago's First 1000-Rider Critical Mass!!

It's a Bike Summer in Chicago and thereís plenty of fun things to do from joining one of the monthly Critical Mass Rides to checking out this weekís events at Buddy which include Workshops, Neighborhood Rides, Movies, Music, Politics, Yoga, BBQ and More!

Do you need a bike but dread spending too much money on yet another new product? Consider supporting the Working Bikes Cooperative by purchasing one of their recycled bikes. Monies raised are used to ship other reclaimed bicycles to communities in economically oppressed Latin America.

Also learn about the recently formed Windy City Bike Messenger Association and be sure to write August 10th in your calendar for Chicago Action Medicalís Rolling Resistance benefit ride on the North Branch Trail.

If you did miss out on the July 25th Grand Critical Mass -- which had a turnout of over one thousand -- be sure to check out the street performers video and photo galleries 1 and 2.

The hour long ride was a fun parade that wound itís way through some of Chicagoís south side neighborhoods and ended up for a swim at the 33rd Street Beach.





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