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LOCAL: Chicagoans Mourn Housing Activist Rene Maxwell

Garth Liebhaber/CIMC, anti-war march, 3-20-03
Chicagoans are mourning the death today of beloved activist and progressive Rene Maxwell, a lifelong public housing resident and a stalwart in the struggle for affordable housing. The 53-year old poet, musician and activist was lead organizer and a passionate public spokesperson for the Coalition to Protect Public Housing. Rene knew how to connect the dots, and also tirelessly supported a host of struggles for peace with justice across a range of issues, from immigrant rights and the fight-back to save Maxwell street to opposition to the war on Iraq and support for the Palestinian people. He was also an early and ardent supporter of Chicago Indymedia. Brother, we will miss your humanity, your humor, and your selfless spirit of solidarity with all struggles for economic and social justice.

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