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CRIMINAL (IN)JUSTICE: Tuesday Hearing to Scrutinize M20 Police Violence

Cops arrest Romero: Joeff Davis, 3-20-03
Three Chicago alderman have decided -- despite opposition from Mayor Daley and his allies -- to move forward with hearings on the March 20 arrest of hundreds of peaceful protesters -- and allegations of police misconduct and violence. Hearings are scheduled for Tuesday, June 17 at 10AM, with a solidarity rally at 9AM at Daley Plaza.

More than 800 people -- both protesters and bystanders -- were collared on March 20 after being given permission to march down Lake Shore Drive in an emergency action to oppose the beginning of fullscale war on the Iraqi people. The heavyhanded police tactics have prompted a civil rights lawsuit, a proposed City Council resolution, and ongoing efforts to rally support for the arrestees.

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