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POLICE REPRESSION: Police Repression in St. Louis

On Friday, May 16, St. Louis police - backed by federal agents - raided the Community Arts and Media Project (CAMP), and the Bolozone, a collective housing project, in anticipation of the Biodevastation 7 conference and protests at the World Agricultural Forum. Police appear to be arresting protesters,or people they suspect will protest, on whatever pretense they can find. Read St. Louis IMC for more information, ongoing coverage, and background on the conferences and protests. St. Louis IMC is asking for your support, and your support of all those unjustly arrested.

  • May 17: Click here for initial Saturday update/appeal.
  • May 17: Additional Saturday Update

    On the subject of police repression, the Urbana-Champaign IMC space is temporarily shut down for alleged fire code violations (follow-up article)





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