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CIVIL LIBERTIES - 1968 REDUX?: M-20 Lawsuit Charges Anti-War Protesters Beaten, Denied Basic Rights by Chicago Police

CIMC Photo by Garth Liebhaber
Thursday, A-10: Attorneys from the National Lawyers Guild held a press conference Thursday afternoon at the Dirksen Federal Building to announce the filing of a class action lawsuit against the City of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department in the wake of what attorneys and protestors charge were unlawful and outrageous mass arrests carried out during the March 20th anti-war demonstration. Read More

  • M-20 Audio: (27MB mp3) CIMC Radio: From The Trenches
  • M-20 Video: (5MB mpg) This is What Democracy Looks Like
  • Corporate News Coverage: Video Links
  • City Council Resolution Calls for Public Hearings on M-20 Arrests




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