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CHICAGO RESISTS THE WAR: M-20: Chicagoans Take Anti-War Resistance into the Streets - Hundreds Arrested

CIMC - Chris Geovanis
Thursday, March 20: As protests against the US attack on Iraq sweep across the globe, an estimated 15,000 protesters poured into the streets and surged onto Lake Shore Drive following a massive anti-war convergence at Chicago's Federal Plaza, effectively closing one of the city's major transportation arteries.

Over 800 were arrested - many when authorities refused to allow protesters to return to the convergence point, penning hundreds who wished to leave at the intersection of Chicago and Michigan Ave - site of Chicago's landmark Water Tower monument. Witnesses report that police targeted both march organizers and youth selected seemingly at random in the crowd for arrest. The standoff and arrests at Chicago and Michigan Ave ended late Thursday evening when police allowed remaining demonstrators to disperse in groups of 10. Many have vowed to hit the streets on Friday to continue protests.

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    Community and student activists say the heavy-handed police tactics on Thursday will not deter them from mobilizing again on Friday, and many report that they were energized by the massive and spirited turnout Thursday. Much of the crowd that assembled at the Federal Plaza on Thursday evening hailed from more than 30 area high schools and colleges, which staged sweeping walkouts throughout the day Thursday.

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