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COUNTDOWN TO WAR: Peace Groups Call for Mass Non-Violent Civil Disobedience to Oppose Iraq War

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March 18: In a press conference today, a network of Chicago peace groups called for widespread civil disobedience the day after President Bush launches full-scale war on Iraq.

With the vast majority of the world’s population against war on Iraq and millions pouring into the streets in the largest demonstrations the world has ever seen, activists charge that Bush has dismissed the worldwide popular demand for no war.

The Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism and other organizations have called for a protest at the Federal Plaza, Adams and Dearborn Streets, for 5 pm (or later) the day the war begins, and a larger follow-up protest at the same time and place the evening after war begins. The Iraq Peace Pledge is planning mass civil disobedience at the Federal Plaza the morning after the war begins, and a myriad of other direct actions is being planned by groups throughout the metropolitan area, including student walkouts at high schools and colleges across the region. Read More

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