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GLOBAL ANTI-WAR: F-15: A Global Day of Resistance Against Bush's War on Iraq

In what promises to be the single largest mobilization against war in history, an estimated 10 million people will take to the streets on Saturday, February 15 in a worldwide effort to prempt a devastating US attack on Iraq. At last count, protests have been organized in 603 cities across the globe, including a march and rally in London that the Stop the War Coalition - UK hopes will draw a million UK residents.

In New York, despite a US Federal Appeals Court decision to uphold a earlier ruling banning anti-war marches in the city, hundreds of thousands of protesters - and over 70 feeder marches will converge for a massive anti war protest initiated by United for Peace & Justice. Many have vowed to march despite the ban by the courts. West Coast activists are also predicting a record turnout for the Feb 16th anti-war convergence in San Francisco.

Here in Chicago, over 90 peace, social justice, and community groups will sponsor a Feb. 15 anti-war noontime march and rally beginning at 2200 W. Devon Ave (at Leavitt}, in the heart of Chicago's Pakistani community. This city-wide action will be both an anti-war march and a solidarity rally with those immigrant communities currently being victimized by the Bush Administration's drive toward war. Read More

Chicago March/Rally Logistics:

  • Flyers: English | Spanish | Arabic | Urdu
  • Directions and Transportation Info: Driving, Bus Departures, CTA, Map
  • Chicago Action Medical: Cold Weather Health and Safety Tips for Protesters

    F-15 Breaking News:

  • Valentine's Day Peace Action: Banners at 33rd - Dan Ryan and LSD - North Ave.

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