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LOCAL ANTI-WAR: Chicago Peace Activists Step Up Direct Action Against War on Iraq

CIMC Photo by Garth Liebhaber
As the final countdown to the Bush Administration's war on Iraq accelerates, Chicago area anti-war activists are stepping up resistance - including direct action. On the bitterly cold morning of Monday, January 27, 22 people were arrested after carrying out a Die-In at Chicago's Federal Building while an estimated 125 supporters observed through the plate glass walls. All 22 participants of the Iraq Peace Pledge - Chicago action were released the same day and charged with criminal trespass. Read More

The Iraq Peace Pledge has signed near 60,000 people who will act in some way against the war on Iraq. Many of these, coming from a diversity of backgrounds have signed the additional Pledge of Resistance to engage in acts of civil disobedience in order to stop our government's war upon the people of Iraq.

As part of the citywide Emergency Response Plan, the Iraq Peace Pledge - Chicago is planning mass civil disobedience at 8:00 AM the day following a full scale US attack on Iraq, followed by another 8:00 AM CD the first Monday after the war begins. Both actions will be held at the Kluczynski Federal Building.

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