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LOCAL ANTI-WAR: Chicagoans Brave Deep Freeze to Protest War on Iraq

Photo: Chris Geovanis, Chicago IMC
On January 11th, an estimated 2000 Chicagoans braved record-low temperatures to rally at the Federal Plaza and march against the impending war on Iraq. Convened by over 60 anti-war, solidarity, faith-based, and community organizations, the mobilization attracted protesters from all over Chicago and adjoining suburbs. [ Read More ]

The same day, more than a hundred trade unionists from around the country gathered at the Teamsters Local 705 hall in Chicago to discuss labor's response to the imminent danger of war on Iraq. At the end of the day they launched a new organization to mobilize anti- war sentiment within the union movement -- U.S. Labor Against the War. [ Full Story ]

Saturday's demonstration, held in tandem with parallel actions in Los Angeles and Minneapolis, kicked off a week of national anti-war organizing projected to bring hundreds of thousands of protesters to the nation's capital for the No War on Iraq! - National March on DC on Jan. 18th.

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