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LOCAL: ANTI-WAR: January 11 Regional Emergency Mobilization: No War On Iraq!

With a possible date for full-scale war on Iraq looming nearer each day, growing numbers of Americans are raising an increasingly defiant voice of opposition to the Bush regime's imperialist agenda, and the devastating impact US military agression and occupation would have on the Iraqi people.

The goal? TO STOP THE WAR ON IRAQ. To build that effort, a broad coalition of local anti-war groups will convene an emergency regional mobilization on January 11th , in tandem with a parallel action in Los Angeles, to kick off a week of protests in Washington DC and across the country, culminating with a National March on Washington DC to Stop the War on Iraq on January 18th.

Chicago area anti-war websites:
Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism | Chicagoans Against War on Iraq | Chicago Anti-Bashing Network | Chicago Peace Response Coalition | Columbia College on the Ground | DuPage Peace through Justice Coalition | Evanston Neighbors for Peace | Illinois Peace Action | International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition - Chicago | Not in Our Name - Chicago | Prairie Fire Organizing Committee | 8th Day Center for Justice





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