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EMERGENCY PROTEST: Jan. 7: Bush to Lunch with City Fat Cats - Local Peace and Justice Groups Vow to Deliver a 'Chicago' Reception

George Bush is scheduled to speak to members of the Economic Club of Chicago -- a self-proclaimed 'Who's Who' of the city's corporate and political elite -- at a midday luncheon tomorrow. The President - taking a short break from supervising the latest preparations for the invasion and occupation of Iraq - is expected to unveil a proposal to give sweeping new tax breaks to the rich.

Local anti-war groups and anti-capitalist activists have called for an emergency convergence to protest Dubya's appearance.

When: Tuesday, January 7, 11:00 AM
Where: Sheraton Hotel & Towers
301 E. North Water St.
(Columbus Drive just north of the Chicago River)

- Organizers are urging protesters to bring signs, posters, banners, flags, puppets, drums, noisemakers, bullhorns, chalk, and as many people as possible.





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