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NATIONAL: IMF/WB PROTEST UPDATE: Chicago Cops Join Police Repression During DC IMF/WB Protests

In what legal observers are describing as a preemptive attack on the right to assemble, DC police arrested more than 635 protesters during Friday's People's Strike protests that kicked off a weekend of anti-IMF/World Bank, and anti-war demonstrations in the nation's capital. For breaking news and latest updates, check out DC Indymedia.

Chicago's corporate media outlets report that the massive DC police mobilization also included a 300-person contingent of Chicago police 'volunteers' who were 'invited' to DC by Washington Metro police chief and former top Chicago cop Charles Ramsey. Chicago police spokesman Dave Bayless and other insiders have said the Chicago police are preparing similar responses for upcoming protests at the annual Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue CEO Conference in Chicago, scheduled for November 7-8.

As part of the CPD 'preparation' for the TABD summit, police have been viewing video from the 1999 Seattle anti-WTO and Prague 2000 anti-IMF/World Bank protests. Police were widely criticized during both the Seattle and Prague protests for massive repression and unprovoked violence against demonstrators.

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