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CRIMINAL (IN)JUSTICE: Judge Denies New Trial to Police Torture Victim

On Monday, Cook County Criminal Judge Dennis Porter refused to grant a new trial to wrongfully convicted death row inmate and police torture victim Madison Hobley -- throwing the case back into an appeals process that could drag on for years. This Wednesday, July 10, at 4PM at Daley Plaza, at Randolph and Clark St., torture opponents will put the case directly to State's Attorney Dick Devine -- the man who refuses to acknowledge Hobley's torture.

For more info/background:
  • Think cops don't fabricate false confessions -- or torture them out of their targets? Check out the Tribune investigative report 'Cops and Confessions'.
  • For background on Chicago cop Jon Burge's torture ring, check out 'What Price Freedom?' and Town Without Pity -- Torture in Chicago's Area Two ) by Chicago Reader reporter John Conroy.
  • Read the Illinois Supreme Court's decision granting Hobley an evidentiary hearing.
  • Read Tribune reporters Ken Armstrong and Steve Mills' chilling investigative report, 'Death Row Justice Derailed'.
  • Due Process and the Death Penalty in Illinois: A Report by the Chicago Council of Lawyers
  • In a landmark decision, this April a Cook County judge appointed a special prosecutor to investigate death row inmates' charges of police torture. Read the legal petition from groups that included Amnesty International that helped shape this ruling.
  • Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn's deconstruction of the gas can 'mystery' in Hobley's case.




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