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WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Weekly News Roundup...from CIMC correspondents and contributors

  • On June 28, Critical Mass riders took to the highway west of Chicago to promote cycles over cars.
  • On June 30, progressives marched against war and racism in Chicago's annual Gay Pride Parade -- to a warm response from thousands.
  • Reports, photos, and video from the June 29 RTS/Naperville party/protest.
  • On July 1, thousands marched in downtown Chicago for immigrant rights. Dave Swanson reports.
  • On July 3, environmental and civic groups -- including Evanston's Nuclear Energy Information Service -- joined members of Midnight Oil, the Indigo Girls and the B-52's in Chicago to demand that Illinois Senators Durbin and Fitzgerald oppose the cross-country transfer of dangerous nuclear waste through Illinois to Yucca Mountain.
  • On July 8, 37 human rights activists -- including Chicagoan Mary Dean, whose former husband was tortured in Guatemala by SOA grads, and Sister Kathleen Desaultes of Chicago's 8th Day Center for Justice -- will stand trial for civil disobedience at the infamous School of the Americas.
  • Chicago is revamping its zoning code, and many fear the administration will undercut affordable housing and public accountability. Mariel Duprei reports.
  • CIMC correspondent Sophia Delaney reports from Palestine on the July 1 Israeli kidnapping of two American and one British human rights workers.
  • On July 4, Wicker Park picnicers were attacked for burning a flag. CIMC's Chris Kaihatsu reports.
  • Peace activists will picket Boeing headquarters on July 6 to oppose company profiteering from Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine.




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