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LOCAL ACTIONS: Weekend Actions Will Oppose War, Racism and Corporate Globalization

This Saturday evening, youth and their supporters from across Illinois and the midwest will meet in Naperville for the third annual Reclaim the Streets! gathering, a half-party/half-protest to celebrate youth culture, the shared opposition to corporate globilization, car 'culture', the ongoing corporate encroachment on public space, and rampant consumerism that threatens the planet's people and environment. This year's RTS!/Naperville is scheduled to coincide with protest against the G8 meeting in the Canadian Rockies resort of Kananaskis, and the World Bank protests in Oslo. Local activists fear that police will try to replicate the violence they perpetrated last year, but have vowed that the party will go on.

And on Sunday, the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network will join other GLBT activists to field a contingent in Chicago's annual Gay Pride parade in solidarity with Arabs and Muslims who have been the target of racist attacks and government repression in the wake of September 11. As a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered (GLBT) direct action organization, CABN is committed to fighting for civil rights for all communities, and has extended an open invitation to all who oppose war and racism, regardless of sexual orientation, to join them Sunday.

Last year, CABN, Queer to the Left and other progressive GLBT projects fielded a 'stealth' contingent in the Gay Pride Parade directly behind Cook County State's Attorney Dick Devine to tar the politician for refusing to prosecute cops who gay-bash. Devine, who was relentlessly mocked by both the contingent and thousands of people along the parade route, ultimately fled the event.





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