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DC: MONDAY A22: Palestine Solidarity Actions Conclude Weekend of Protest

A Palestinian rights supporter at the A22 anti-AIPAC rally, photo by Chris Geovanis, CIMC

A diverse crowd that included Palestinians and Arab-Americans, Jewish Americans, and political contingents from anti-capitalists to Women in Black, protested Israelís occupation of Palestine and the U.S. governmentís support for Israel today. Reporting from the scene via cell phone, CIMCís Chris Geovanis estimated the number of protesters outside the Washington Hilton, where meetings of the pro-Israel lobby American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) were being held, at more than 3,000. A press conference in support of Palestinian rights preceded the demonstration and featured a variety of speakers, including pro-Palestine and anti-war activists from Chicago.
Read the full report.

Photos from action by Andy Thayer and Chris Geovanis.





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