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A19-22 PROTESTS: Thousands organizing to protest in Washington this weekend

From April 19 through April 22, thousands of protesters will gather in Washington DC for an historic series of actions. Those actions will challenge IMF/World Bank policies that crush the global south under debt and repression, and oppose the U.S. government's expanding war of terrorism in countries from Afghanistan to Colombia, attacks on civil liberties -- and U.S. military and political support for Israel's brutal war on the Palestinian people.

Calendar of Events
April 19-22 Mobilization Calendar of Events

Housing in DC
National Ride Board
Legal Defense Info
Download DC Subway Map
For detailed driving directions to DC, click here.

National Organizations mobilizing for A19-22
A-20 United We March
International ANSWER Coalition
National Mobilization on Colombia
Mobilization for Global Justice
Committee in Solidarity with the People of Palestine (SUSTAIN)

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