Thousands Protest Chicago School Closings, 150+ Detained in Direct Action Lockdown

CIMC (photo by CAG)

Whose schools?  Our schools!"Thousands of teachers, school workers, parents and students joined a mass protest led by the Chicago Teachers Union Wednesday against the city’s plan to close 54 schools, most of them in African-American neighborhoods. About 150 people sat down in the road outside Chicago City Hall and locked their arms together, prepared to risk arrest. Roughly 130 people were detained by police." [via] See photos

CAN TV coverage: Rally | Protest

Additional Coverage: Chicagoist | ZNet | Gapers Block | Chicago Public Radio | The Guardian | The Nation

Other Press links: CPS closings called a ‘land grab,’ but Emanuel’s done negotiating | CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett May Have Met Her Match in Chicago | City And CPS Gear Up For Protests Over School Closures


With the defeat of the Workers Commonwealth, and the restoration of the Monarchy, the one thing that they monarchists could not defeat was a Public School system in English first time. This attempt a Privitization of all schools is in reality the same attempt of the one percent elites to control all thinking. It should be opposed globally as well as locally. Monopoly capitalism requires unknowlegable workers that obey the masters not an intelligence that won't pollute for money or squander the public treasury on unjust wars and illegal violence for empire. Workers of the world unite!! End pollution wars, not endless wars of more and more pollution. Ye yet have a world to win!!


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