NATO - Be the media this May in Chicago: A call-out to progressive civilian journalists

NATO - Be the media this May in Chicago::
A call-out to progressive civilian journalists

"Humor from My Pen" - March 9 to april 28

Humor from My Pen

Chicago will be hosting 'Humor from My Pen'
– an exhibit of political cartoons by Gerardo Hernåndez (one of the "Cuban Five").

The Exhibit opening is
Friday,March 9, 2012
6pm to 9pm
Calles y Sueños Gallery
    1900 S. Carpenter, Chicago

and will run through April 28, 2012

Breaking News: UPDATE -- Piccolo parents continue to occupy school to oppose privatization to politically connected local firm

Urgent Update from Piccolo Elementary School Occupation
Live stream: http://ustre.am/EfN1 | Twitter follow tbourschoolschi and ctulocal1 | hashtag #piccolo

Undercover and uniformed police enter Piccolo public school occupation while CPS continues to deny parents access to medications and food.

One diabetic parent participating in occupation refuses to leave school despite threat to health.

Poisons, Carcinogens, Ecoli & Other Toxins In Mammal, Bird & Fish Flesh


Indian Bar Assoc Sues WHO Staffer Over Suppressions of Ivermectin Efficacy Etc

Several years ago Rome banned small goldfish bowls and aquariums.

India had a 13% vaccine rate, has conquered covid distributing a $2.65 kit to each person which contains zinc, ivermectin and doxycycline.

Once Upon A Time

I lived across the street from a pomegranate tree who hung its most
fruitful branches over the neighbor's fence, as if to provide the
passersby, if not with a meal then its sheer beauty alone. I was
sprouting avocado saplings---three thriving beauties---at the time
and often brought them outside into sunny rays and simply stood and
socialized with them. I liked to take them out in the moonlight as
well, especially for the ambiance. Meanwhile I harvested dozens of
pomegranate. I immediately learned not to forcefully pluck the fruits,

Some Of The Most Barbaric Experiment On Animals.. Many Funded By NIH

William Shakespeare in Cymbeline (re animal research)

Your highness Shall from this practise but make hard your heart:
Besides, the seeing these effects will be Both noisome and infectious.

“I have from an early age abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

Meat Shortages Will be Increasing and Other News

Why are meat prices going through the roof while
shelves are empty of cow, pig and chicken flesh in the UK. The answer say some is the lack of availability of
carbon dioxide which is injected into flesh packaging and used in machines which kill the cows.
In addition, according to the UN, the butcher industry of ranching is the chief cause of the world's rising carbon dioxide because of cow flatulence. It is greater than the amount expelled by trucks and

One Toxic Cup Of Coffee

One cup of coffee.. the jumpstart of hundreds of millions.. I've had you every day.. for 45 years..you have made me bitter, angry, impatient, in or not in traffic

This cup full of heavy metals.... has caused ulcer generating acid in my stomach... and taken enamel from my teeth. It has drained calcium from my bones, unnaturally stimulated my heartbeat... eroded my optic nerves...and reduced my sight. Its acidity has harmed the myelin sheath over the brain's nerves, its electrical system, causing impatience and less ability to concentrate.

Atomic gardening & Atomic gardening mutants

Atomic gardening is a form of mutation breeding where plants are exposed to radioactive sources, typically cobalt-60,[1] in order to generate mutations, some of which have turned out to be useful.